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Jon Mann Photography

www.jonmann.com 2006 copyright


Thank you for visiting jonmann.com.
Please browse through the galleries
and enjoy the images. Specialising in
wedding,portrait and travel
photography, Jon Mann documents life
as he sees it through the lens.
People feature heavily in his images,
everyone with a story to tell. Based in
Yorkshire, England, the photographer
travels extensively with his work and
has experienced many varied cultures,
traditions and environments.

"Photography is my passion; it's in
my heart and in my blood. To capture
a moment in time unique and
irreplacable. To look into someone's
eyes and see what they've seen and
feel what they've felt. To hear the
heartbeat, the samba of life."

If you would like more information on
any of the images or would like to
commission Jon Mann please feel free
to contact me.